The Association of Institutions of Jewish Studies (AIJS) is an accrediting agency with a voluntary membership of postsecondary institutions specializing in Jewish Studies and related disciplines, dedicated to fostering quality and integrity within the institution and in its relationships with its stakeholders.

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On April 28, 2021 the Executive Accreditation Council (EAC) of the Association of Institutions of Jewish Studies (AIJS) took the following actions:


Granted re-accreditation to 

Yeshiva Gedola Tiferes Yaakov Yitzchok

for a period of five years, to expire on

April 28, 2026;


Granted re-accreditation to 

Derech Hachaim Seminary

for a period of five years, to expire on

April 28, 2026;


Granted re-accreditation to 

Ohel Margulia Seminary

for a period of five years, to expire on

April 28, 2026.


A three month extension of accreditation was granted to:


Bais Medrash of Dexter Park,

to expire on August 21, 2021;

Mosdos Yaakov V’Yisroel,

to expire on October 23, 2021;

Yeshiva Gedola Keren Hatorah,

to expire on October 28, 2021;

Yeshiva Ohr Naftoli,

to expire on October 28, 2021;

Keser Torah- Mayan Hatalmud,

to expire on November 13, 2021.





Association of Institutions of Jewish Studies
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The earliest discussions leading to the creation of AIJS date back to 2000, when a number of interested institutions met to discuss forming an organization to facilitate the growth and quality of institutions offering a core of Jewish Studies by conducting comprehensive and systematic evaluations of institutions and subsequently granting accreditation to those institutions that meet the organization’s standards.

In June 2009, AIJS site visitors conducted the agency’s first site visit at an institution and the Executive Accrediting Council of AIJS granted accreditation to the institution in November 2009. AIJS has been conducting accreditation related activities since that time.

In December 2014, AIJS submitted a petition for initial recognition to the US Department of Education.

In December 2015, The National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI) voted unanimously to approve the AIJS petition and on March 10, 2016 the US Department of Education formally recognized AIJS as a nationaly recognized accrediting agency.

AIJS continues its ongoing mission to promote educational excellence through the accreditation of high quality Jewish study learning institutions whom can validate successful student achievement through demonstated qualitative and quantitative learning outcomes measures. This effort fosters greater and broader community recognition of institutions of higher education who emphasize Jewish and related studies..

On March 10, 2016, AIJS was granted initial recognition as a nationally recognized accrediting agency, for a period of five years, with the following scope of recognition:

The accreditation of institutions of post secondary Jewish Studies limited to institutions in the United States, exclusively offering educational programs leading to a certificate, associate degree, baccalaureate degree, or their equivalent credential in Jewish Studies or Classical Torah Studies.

Official Letter of Recognition

AIJS has not granted and will not be granting preaccreditation to any institution at this time.

No recognition of any AIJS preaccreditation status by the US Department of Education has been granted or implied.