Organizational Structure

Executive Accreditation Council

  • Dr. Chaim Cohen, Chair
  • Mr. Meir Lichtenstein, Vice Chair, Public Member
  • Rabbi Yaakov Wasser, CPA, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Rabbi Yaakov Bogart
  • Mrs. Suzanne Brooks, MS Ed, PhD candidate
  • Mr. Samuel Brown, Esq., Public Member
  • Rabbi Sholom Kamenetsky
  • Rabbi A. Moshe Possick
  • Dr. Chana Rozen

Information regarding the academic and professional qualification and employment and organizational affiliation of EAC members, members of appeal panels and principal AIJS staff members is on file in the AIJS office and may be obtained upon written request to AIJS.

AIJS Staff

Rabbi Doniel Ginsberg   


Dina Gongola, PhD       

Seminary Accreditation Specialist

Alex Lowinger, MBA    

Chief Financial Officer

Chava Stern, MA           

Compliance Administrator